Friday, October 14, 2011

Wear Pashmina Shawls the Right Way

Some people do not give a lot of credit to how pashmina shawls should be worn. It is a great accessory to enhance your look and bring out the fashionable side in you but only if you know the right way to wear it. There are many factors to consider such as the color and the occasion.

For example blue is the color for people who wants to maintain a low profile. The color connotes peace and serenity and gives your body the chance to calm and get rid of situations that cause stress. Blue shawls are very important if you are surrounded with a stressful environment at work. With blue hues, you can easily calm your feeling. On the other hand, red works well for people who are attuned with their emotions. For example those who are fun-loving, energetic and are generally sociable people. Red emphasizes the happiness and is worn by happy people who they are not afraid to show it off. Overall, the red shawls portray an energetic and happy disposition of a person’s life.

However, if you think this color is overly emphasized, you can add a little twist by opting to use a pink one instead. This color can lessen the aura of high energy in you and should not be mistaken as too feminine for men who wear it.

The good thing about fashion scarves is that you can let your creativity evolve since it is not only limited to one way of wearing it. You can use it for different occasions too. You just have to allow your fashion juices to work and you are ready to turn your outfit into a new and fresher look. Shorts and jeans for example can be added with shawls to create a different look and style that can attract the attention of others. You can drape your shawl on your shoulders and tie it. This way, you are giving your outfit a new life, which is, make you look classy and chic. It might be casual but not a trashy mess nevertheless.

If you get cold easily in the evening, shawls make a great outfit for the night. Again, drape it around your shoulder and then play with style when you tie it at your back the way you want it. This will not only keep you warm in the cold weather but also makes you look chic and cute.

One very important thing to consider, when dressing up the fashion scarves is that you should not only stick to what is popular but do a little twist to what you usually do. Get out of the box and try to do some experiments to how you wear this garment. This is great to save yourself from buying new clothes every now and them because you know how to mix and match. Make use of what is just available in your wardrobe and improve it into a new style to give you a whole new look without spending so much.